O'Day, Phil & Lori

Phil & Lori O'Day

Avant Ministries

Phil & Lori served with Camino Global for 27 years prior to Camino's merger with Avant Ministries in 2019. Phil currently serves with Avant's Executive Team in Kansas City as US Director and Vice President of Public Ministries.

The O'Days were appointed to CAM International (Camino's name at the time) in 1992 and served in church-planting and field administration in Mexico City. In 2002, they were called to the mission's home office in Dallas, where they served in Mobilization (missionary recruitment and training), then for a season in Organizational Development and Communications, and then from 2012 to 2019 as Camino's Executive Vice President. In the fall of 2018, when Camino's merger with Avant was announced, Phil was asked to serve in the supplemental role of Integration Director, facilitating the logistics of both organizations in the more than year-long process of merger.

Prior to serving with Camino and Avant, Phil & Lori were part of a team which planted a church and launched a Community Youth Center on the south side of Chicago. Their sending/commissioning church for cross-cultural ministry is Fellowship Chapel in Sterling Heights, MI.

The O'Day family was involved at Lake Ridge for most of the 17 years they lived in Dallas. They currently live near Avant's Kansas City headquarters, attend Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, MO, and have three children: Nathan (married to Erin E., living in Longview, TX), Erin L. (studying music at Wheaton College), and Evan (high school student still living at home). Lori teaches high school Spanish locally.

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