Nolterieke, Ryan & Jen

Ryan & Jen Nolterieke


"I never knew that even someone like me can study the Bible and understand it! I thought that was only for special people."

This is what one of the Cru staff in Romania said to Ryan after their course on Bible Study Methods. Ryan didn't know whether to cheer or cry. He was thrilled that she had come to understand this magnificent truth. Yet he was saddened that someone could be in full-time ministry for a number of years and think that studying the Word of God was out of her reach.

Ryan and Jen, along with their three sons, moved to Budapest, Hungary, in 2009 because of the great spiritual need in Eastern Europe. Every one of the 19 countries in their region experienced decades of communism, which brought devastating spiritual consequences. There are many faithful servants of the Lord in that region who have almost no access to good biblical training.

The Nolteriekes' primary task is to teach and equip Cru staff and volunteers in Eastern Europe to become biblically and theologically discerning disciples of Jesus Christ. In addition, they get to serve with the national Hungarian ministry in sharing the gospel with students. They do this primarily through a summer missions project called Speak Out.

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