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Alvin & Susan Low

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Dr. Alvin Low graduated as the top student in the Business Department and the overall most outstanding graduate from his college in Singapore. He abandoned a lucrative career in the business world to pursue theological training at Dallas Theological Seminary where he received his Master’s degree in Theology (Th.M.) and his Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree. He received the second Ph.D. degree from Trinity Theological Seminary in Evansville, IN.

Dr. Low has a passion for studying, preaching, and teaching the Word of God. He received the H.A. Ironside Award for the most outstanding preacher of the year from Dallas Seminary (the first Asian to receive the award in the history of the seminary). An effective communicator of God’s Word, Dr. Low is widely known for his practical teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives. He desires to see God's Word have a dynamic, life-changing impact in each person and community.

Dr. Low has spoken in conferences and taught in seminaries in over 40 countries across the globe. He has authored 20 books that have been translated into various languages for training indigenous missionaries, effectively reaching out to hidden places of the world.

Dr. Low is married to Susan. They are blessed with three children: Michelle, Maisie, and Nathan.

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