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Missions outreach is an exciting part of the DNA of Lake Ridge! We help provide support to nearly 40 singles and couples serving both locally and globally.


Most of our workers have been a part of the church for some years prior to going into ministry, so they are well known and prayed for by the Lake Ridge family. Highlights from their monthly updates are featured each Sunday on a monitor in our Global Workers Corner.

Lake Ridge has a Missions Committee that guides our church family into a sustained awareness of and commitment to missions, keeps in touch with those we have sent out to serve, and oversees global outreach from the church.

Each spring, we host a Missions Conference where our global workers who are on home assignment or are otherwise available visit with those from our church in both small and large group settings to share about their ministries.

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Global Worker Spotlight

 Lynn Maynard

Lynn Maynard


I have recovered from my back surgery and like the rest of the team, due to COVID, I am working remotely from home.

But our work with FLAG (Faith and Law Around the Globe) continues.  We completed our law student study group by Zoom calls and each of them are now developing their own teams, which should start in February.  Our lawyers group is still going strong and we hope to add more soon.  Our new website is up, reflecting our partnership with Cru's ministry to leaders in business and the city called LeaderImpact.  We are working with groups from Germany and the UK to put together our next FLAG conference in Cambridge, England, in September 2022.  I am coordinating our monthly prayer ministry for lawyers called "Connection."  We now have it available in English, French, and Arabic, with lawyers joining us from all over the world (5:00 a.m. here in Washington State where I am and 11:00 p.m. in Hong Kong.)

Prayer Requests

Praise for the way God has blessed our ministry even in the midst of COVID.  Now people are familiar with using Zoom and it is easier to get them involved online, even across time zones.

Pray for technical difficulties to be resolved.  The US, Europe, and Asia have pretty good internet connections, but our many lawyers and judges in Africa are having problems connecting.  

Pray that our team will remain healthy.  Our director Bob has stepped down and is struggling with a severe lung issue, but he will continue working with the team.  Our new director is John Westmoreland, who has been on our team for two years. 

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