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Hosea: The Long-Suffering Love of God

12/29/20 | Worship | by Van Minter

    I’d like to wish each of you a very happy New Year and invite you to the kickoff our new series in Hosea on January 3.

    Maybe you’re wondering Why a series in Hosea?

    I’m calling this series The Long-Suffering Love of God because it depicts the lengths God is willing to go to in order to reach the people He loves, people who are prone to think they can do life without Him.

    My prayer is that this series will open our eyes to how much God really cares about His relationship with His people and the careless ways His people turn their backs on Him. I pray that through this six-week study God would bring revival to our hearts that causes us to run to Him and not from Him.

    See you Sunday.

    In Christ,