Regular Attenders & Members

Regular Attenders

Regular attenders are those who call Lake Ridge home, attending regularly and participating in our various ministries.


Members, or covenant members, are those who have made a deeper commitment to Lake Ridge, having gone through the membership class and completed the necessary steps toward membership.

Members have the privilege of voting on items in our Annual Business Meeting (held every April) and serving in leadership roles. Men who have been members for at least 3 years can be nominated to serve as deacons and elders; men and women who have been members for at least 3 years may be selected to serving on our Nominating Committee, which reviews the deacons and elders selected each year before being presented to the membership for voting.

Our next membership class is scheduled for Sunday, March 21, from 12:00-1:30 p.m. in the Commons. A light lunch will be provided, so help us be prepared by signing up ASAP!

Sign Up for the Membership Class

FellowshipOne Go

Through FellowshipOne Go, our regular attenders and members have access to viewing their giving, whether in person or online/mobile, can see which groups they are a part of, and can view our church directory. FellowshipOne Go can be accessed by computer or mobile app.

Contact the office to get set up with F1Go!